Common Problem

 Jiacheng company to provide users with stable, high-quality products at the same time, adhering to the "quality first, customer first" purpose, to provide quality service to ensure continuous reliability user during use, in order to ISO9 001 quality assurance system prevail, tailor-made service rules are as follows:

Shelf Life

1, since the goods from one year to the date of the site.

2, maintenance of life.

Shelf life

1, free maintenance and replacement or return products "three guarantees" responsibility.

2, is a client installation, improper use or malfunction caused by natural disasters, our company is only required for appropriate reimbursement of the cost of replacement parts, free of maintenance labor costs.

After the shelf life

1, only charged for the cost required for the proper replacement parts, repair labor costs and travel expenses.

2, Division I will be ready for customers free repair service and technical guidance.

Service Response

1, after receiving notice of the Shanghai region reported impaired users to respond to customers within four hours, and troubleshooting within 24 hours.

2, such as special needs, our company can carry accessories or go to school together support engineer to resolve.

Build customer profiles for regular inspection of all customers, in order to build customer profiles, understand customer equipment usage, guiding customers. Summarized by the customer service department headquarters management.

Provide preferential conditions

1, free installation guide: During installation, our school has the ability, technical service personnel to the scene to guide the installation.

2, responsible for commissioning: During commissioning, we may send professional service personnel arrived at the scene, in order to facilitate safe operation of equipment commissioning.

3, free on-site escort run: In the early equipment operation, our service personnel regularly patrol arrived at the scene to solve the problems.

4, free training: daily care personnel side, I am responsible for training only free until familiar with the equipment to use so far.

Service content

1, after the installation and commissioning of the test data and operating conditions documented bound to close the file saved.

2, the company offers a lifetime for each user tracking, maintenance services, for use in products for regular on-site or telephone interviews, to detect and deal with problem solving.

3, the user calls Insider.

4, the person responsible for the establishment of customer service system, each user service after service is completed to fill a single signed by authorized users.

5, affable staff treat customers, standardize services. The issues raised by users must patiently answered, never allow the user dispute phenomenon.

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